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Single-payer system of universal health care and school meals for legal residents. 


Long waiting lists for Massachusetts' premier vocational schools send a message.


Ill-conceived tax policy and profligate spending have put the US economy on an unsustainable path. We will not be the "country of possibilities" if excessive debt limits our potential. 


Strengthen institutions and alliances that defend us against foreign despots and self-interested partisans.


Happy to release personal tax returns and refrain from ad hominem attacks.

Campaign Finance

This nonpartisan campaign appreciates the goodwill of supporters but does not accept financial contributions.


We will clean up our act or our children will pay for our poor choices - persuasion must now give way to mandates that reduce pollution.


We must learn from our recent failure to deter large-scale military aggression in Europe or risk a return to another age.


Impartial, independent, & strong at nine


Chaos enabled by congressional inaction must end - our historic ability to attract top talent is our greatest strength.

Trade Policy

Trade must not be blind to the danger of strengthening hostile foreign governments. But dishonest arguments should not be used to mask unreasonable protectionism. 

Committee to Elect William Bigelow
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